Alcohol Abuse

Physical Effects

Alcohol effects can be devastating and far-reaching. The effects of alcohol abuse have consequences for the drinkers and people around them. The effects can be both physical and psychological. Behavioral change results from alcohol consumption. You will experience the physical effects of alcohol abuse with as little as two drinks. The effects may include lack of coordination and impaired judgment which can make you cause a car accident if you decide to fcxfrxcxdrink and drive.

Alcoholism is a sickness where the alcohol consumed is at a high level that it negatively impacts an individual’s social, occupational and family responsibilities and also interferes with the person’s health. Alcohol abusers are people who consume alcohol beverages excessively. The immediate physical effects of alcohol consumption are experienced after a quarter an hour of drinking, and it worsens with time.

Inhibitions Become Reduced

It is among the immediate physical effects, as you will begin to notice an individual’s change of behavior at a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05.  Reduced inhibitions and alcohol abuse effects put a person at a very high risk for actions they couldn’t participate in doing if they were sober like illegal drug abuse, continued drinking or sexual activity.

Loss Of Muscle Control

Slurred speech will likely be evident at a level of 0.1%. Poor coordination and impaired judgment are physical effects of alcohol abuse that can lead to accidents and falls.

Black Outs And Memory loss

The brains control mechanism is depressed by alcohol, with an increase of alcohol in the blood level, you may not remember certain situations, events and periods of time will be forgotten as you will have a black out.


Malnutrition can result from consuming empty alcohol calories, inadequate absorption of nutrients in the intestinal tract and reduced appetite. Alcohol contains no beneficial vitamins, nutrients, and minerals those are the reasons why calories from alcohol are referred to empty calories.

Liver Inflammation

sxgfczfcLiver inflammation is a severe physical side effect of alcohol abuse which leads to cirrhosis, an increase of having cancers and a heart attack, birth defects and erectile dysfunction, nutritional defects, neurological problems, weak memory and numbness and other stomach problems. Studies have been conducted, and alcohol is one of the most probable causes of cancer of the colon, larynx, liver and the esophagus. Excessive drinking destroys the heart muscle and causes high blood pressure. Other consequences include chronic inflammation, malnutrition, destruction of brain cells and infection.