Top Foods You Can Use To Fight Stress

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xsrcfrcStressful situations are unavoidable but how to react to them is what can make a difference. Unmanaged stress is harmful as it can result to other health conditions such as depression. Stress can negatively affect you, as it robs you of your joy. This is where people turn on to comfort food that may not be healthy but there specific types of foods which can help you to manage stress.

These are foods that help you to calm down, and they also soothe you at the sameĀ time. It will be easierĀ for you think through things when you are calm and handle the situations in the best way you can. You will feel more balanced, focused and be able to conquer any situation as the foods generate a steady and reliable source of energy. They are:


Asparagus is high in foliate which is essential for cooling your nerves. You can boil them until they are crispy or steam and add them to your meal. The stakes can make you feel good though they make you urine smell funny.


They are stress proofing food for your body due to the presence of glutathione in them. This substance may lead to oxidative damage as it blocks intestinal absorption of fats. They are also rich in beta-carotene, vitamin E, and lutein. You can enjoy eating them when they are sliced in your favorite sandwich.

Chamomile Tea

It is the most recommended soother. It is an excellent remedy for promoting better sleep, and it helps to calm the nerves. It can assist you in warding any building stress in your body, and you will relax if you try it after a stressful and hard day at work. You can go for the readily available tea bags or dried flowers of chamomile in the health food store.


sfxsfcfcsxIt makes an excellent mood booster and has antioxidants. Dark chocolate has a way of giving you a general good feeling of calmness and lowering blood pressure which makes it an excellent choice. It has polyphenols and flavonols which are important antioxidants, but you should not over indulge in it as it is not good for the healthy, take it consciously.


It neutralizes free radicals due to the presence of powerful antioxidants in it, preventing and reducing damage. Garlic is the best food choice to toughen back your weak immune system from stress. It comes with an advantage of fending off common cold, cancer and heart diseases.