Living with depression

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There is nothing traumatizing and depressing like having to live with something stressful all your entire lifetime. We all love being happy but incidences like accidents, loss of loved ones, abuse, neglect, rape or any demeaning thing done to us can make us traumatized and if left unattended or not dealt with soon, can leave us depressed for a very long period. I do not know what you have gone through in life, but it is possible to overcome this condition. Below are helpful tips that can help anyone living with depression.

Allow yourself time to heal

Pain will always be a pain, especially if what happened hurt your feelings. Never let anyone rush you if you are not ready. Some people feel better after crying or after taking a vacation with a few close friends for support for a while. Whatever will help heal and cool your soul, do it. Embrace the situation by accepting what happened and give yourself all the time you need to heal.

Get a support group/ therapist

It is one thing to lock yourself up for a day, but it is entirely a different thing to stay put and away from people for a long period. When you pile bitterness, anger, rage and evil thoughts in your heart, you are paving the way for suicidal thoughts and hopelessness which can derail your chances of healing. So, be open. Talk to friends and family members and ask for help whenever you feel troubled. We go through traumatizing events, but if we learn to talk about our feelings openly with others, we are opening doors of healing.


Meditation is very important. Connect with your inner self through meditation where you give yourself time to reflect and letting go of circumstances and things that brought you to the current state you are in. It is like embracing your past but in a different way. Doing this will help rebuild your spirit which in turn builds your strength and will to overcome your current situation.


Living a lonely lifestyle times like these is not a good thing. The more time you spend alone, the more you remember about your past and the more you find yourself feeling depressed. To avoid this, engage yourself in activities that can help clear out your mind from the current state. Involve yourself with community projects, go for trips or attend parties. Regular outings to spend time with friends, coworkers or relatives you will find yourself drawing away from your depressed state. Happiness is achieved in small bouts but persistent involvement with others even for a few hours a day will completely shut down the depression window in your life opening doors of healing and deliverance.

Being free from depression is very easy. In fact, most of us who are affected can. We only need our will and our commitment to do so. All you have to do is teach yourself to accept and forgive so that you move on with your life stronger, bolder and more courageous no matter the situation that put you in the current state. Try your best to surround yourself with others. Seek support when feeling down and sooner or later you will be kissing your depressed life goodbye for good.