Causes Of Anxiety In Children

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It is normal for children to have an anxiety disorder. The disease usually affects one out of eight children, so it a common disorder. Anxiety disorder is treatable and harmless. Uneasiness, shyness, and fear are among the different disorders children who suffer from this condition experience.fcfxcfxcxfxs

Children have the same disorders as adults do, but some are more common than others. The disorder symptoms appear at around the age of six years in children. Anxiety disorders have multiple complex origins. Below are some of the causes of the disorder in children, they may range from school, home or other settings. The causes of anxiety include;


Stressful situations like losing a pet or a loved one, and switching of schools can trigger separation anxiety disorder.

Change In Environment

For children, it can be somehow traumatic to be lost while shopping or on their first day in school as it involved being separated from the people they are used to like parents. This normal for children and they can forget within two to three days but for others, this can trigger a severe anxiety related disorder.

Family History

Anxiety disorder can result from the family history of some traumatic event in the child’s life, or it is illness passed on from a family member. Separation anxiety disorder may be caused from over protective parents. The disease can be manifested from the parents own fear to their children.


Anxiety disorder can ruin a child’s entire life and future success. If it becomes severe children suffering from it can have a negative view of the world they are in and  it is a setback in their education. The symptoms include diarrhea, general weakness, stomach pain, and vomiting.


xsfcxsfcsIt is important to seek a doctor’s advice if you notice or suspect your child is suffering from anxiety disorder. Whether it is severe or mild, doctors can use a broad range of therapies and treatment to overcome this disorder. Medication and therapies help the children suffering from anxiety disorder change their attitude and behavior towards life. It is vital to take prompt action for your child’s entire life depends on your actions at this moment of time.

In conclusion, anxiety is a natural and normal response that occurs when a person feels worried or threatened that something unpleasant might happen to them. It’s something that everyone experiences at times. During children’s development, it is usually for them fearful or feels anxious on different things.